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Funding Opportunities

Development and Validation of Improved Outcome Measures


This program funds work to develop objective biomarkers that can support therapeutic development in Parkinson’s.

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These may include biomarkers that improve definitive diagnosis, objectively track disease progression, enrich for subject populations, or more precisely detect a treatment response or target engagement. The availability of these types of biomarkers would transform clinical trial design and assist in the interpretation of trial results.

What Fits

Applications could focus on studies that achieve one or more of the following for Parkinson’s:

  • Develop or validate promising biomarkers of disease
  • Develop or validate prodromal biomarkers
  • Develop or validate biomarkers of phenoconversion
  • Develop or validate specific molecular biomarker assays
  • Analyze and derive candidate biomarkers from existing biological datasets
  • Develop and support remote assessment strategies that could complement in clinic assessments

This program is not appropriate for:

  • Therapeutic development
  • Interventional studies
  • Literature/landscape review or assessment

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