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Funding Opportunities

Novel PET Tracer Development Program


This program supports work to develop and validate PET imaging techniques utilizing radiotracers of a variety of disease-relevant targets that can ultimately be implemented in clinical practice and clinical trials. 

Positron emission tomography (PET) imaging may potentially be used for disease diagnosis or risk assessment as well as a biomarker or surrogate outcome to monitor disease progression and the effects of a PD therapy. 

  • Projects of interest include early screening efforts and early in vitro and in vivo validation of newly developed tracers.  
  • Targets of interest include, but are not limited to, pathologic proteins, inflammation (astrocytes, NLRP3, microglia, etc.) and other therapeutic targets (neuronal receptors, GBA, mitochondria, etc.).  
  • Projects should aim to develop novel PET tracers as opposed to collecting data using existing tracers.  
  • For this round, MJFF will not consider proposals focused on human studies.  

Industry, academic scientists and post-doctoral fellows (as co-investigators with a lab director as primary investigator) in and outside the United States are welcome to apply. 

Watch a video on this funding program and our application and review processes. 

Application Process 

1. Download the RFA overview and application template.
2. Log in or create an account in the grant application portal.  
3. Submit your completed application. 

Email with questions. 

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