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Funding Opportunities

Translational Pipeline Program


This program will support target validation, pre-clinical and clinical work to foster and accelerate the development of Parkinson’s therapeutics with potential for fundamentally altering disease course or significantly improving management of symptoms.

Funding will support projects that aim to: 

  • Advance early-stage targets with preliminary rationale for PD pathophysiology and/or symptomology into preclinical therapeutic development by using potent and selective tool compounds to demonstrate therapeutic potential
  • Advance pre-clinical identification, validation or development of novel approaches and/or new interventions 
  • Repurpose or reposition approved or clinically safe therapies from other disease indications 
  • Progress promising interventions into initial Phase I trials to assess pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics and early safety/tolerability 

While programs developing treatments addressing underlying biology and a range of symptoms are encouraged to apply, MJFF is particularly interested in efforts that address moderate-to-advance motor, as well as non-motor and autonomic dysfunction symptoms. These include gait and balance issues, cognitive changes, sleep disturbances, pain and fatigue and mood disorders.  

For this round, MJFF will not consider proposals focused on: 

  • Early discovery studies to identify new targets (ex. large-scale screening or genomic/transcriptomic analyses) 
  • Genetic model systems and/or genetic manipulation to validate biological targets, except if used as therapeutic approach(es) 

Industry and academic researchers or clinicians in and outside the United States are welcome to apply. 

Watch a video on this funding program and our application and review processes. 

Application Process 

1. Download the RFA overview and application template.
2. Log in or create an account in the grant application portal.  
3. Submit your completed application. 

Email with questions. 

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