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Virtual Research Visits

The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s Fox Trial Finder is designed to facilitate and increase the participation of individuals with Parkinson’s disease in clinical trials. Simple technology, including web-based video conferencing, can extend the reach of clinical studies directly into the home, reducing the burden on research participants, and enabling broader participation in clinical trials. Currently, distance; disability, especially for those with more advanced disease; and the distribution of Parkinson’s disease doctors and research centers limits the participation of individuals in clinical trials.

Project Description:             
The research participants from states with a large number of Fox Trial Finder participants (CA, NY, PA, and FL) will be invited to have a virtual research visit conducted. A Parkinson’s disease specialist in the individual’s state will connect to the participant directly in her/his home using web-based conferencing akin to Skype. Individuals will undergo a standard Parkinson’s disease examination, a test of cognition, and be asked about their willingness to participate in future research studies remotely.

Relevance to Diagnosis/Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease:                     
Our vision is that anyone anywhere with Parkinson’s disease can receive the care that she or he needs. In this study, we lay the foundation for extending that vision to enable anyone anywhere with Parkinson’s disease to participate in research studies.

Anticipated Outcome:          
We expect that these assessments will confirm the feasibility of conducting research visits remotely, confirm the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in Fox Trial Finder participants, and add clinical details to the profile of willing participants. We also hope that this study will demonstrate the willingness of individuals with Parkinson’s disease to participate in future research studies remotely.


  • Ray Dorsey, MD, MBA

    Rochester, NY United States

  • Kevin M. Biglan, MD, MPH

    Rochester, NY United States

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