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Funded Studies

Dario Doller, PhD

VP, Drug Discovery at Lucy Therapeutics

Location: Cambridge, MA United States

Dario Doller is vice president of drug discovery at Lucy Therapeutics, where he applies novel concepts in drug design to cutting-edge mitochondrial biology. His goal is to forge new trails for delivering treatments for brain diseases. Dr. Doller contributed to the discovery of several small molecules, including an FDA-approved drug for cardiovascular disease (Vorapaxar) and other clinical compounds tested for brain disorders (CTP-692 for schizophrenia, Lu AF09535 for anxiety and NGD-4715 for obesity). His expertise in the medicinal chemistry of drugs that act on membrane-embedded receptors is documented in more than 100 publications and patent applications. He served as editor of the book Allosterism in Drug Discovery, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2017. Dr. Doller earned a PhD from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina and conducted postdoctoral research under the guidance of Sir Derek Barton (1969 Nobel Laureate in chemistry) at Texas A&M University.

Associated Grants

  • Using Small Molecules that Modulate Mitochondrial Function for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease


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