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Kimberly Tsu Kwei, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurology at Columbia University

Location: New York, NY United States

Kimberly Kwei, MD, PhD, pursued undergraduate studies at Amherst College and then obtained an MD, PhD degree in neuroscience at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, studying age-related cognitive decline. She completed a neurology residency at the Mount Sinai Hospital and a fellowship in movement disorders at Columbia University, where she was involved in research developing interventions for treatment-refractory symptoms of PD. As junior faculty at Columbia, she has specialized in seeing PD patients intended to receive deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy, leading to her being named Co-Director for the Center of Excellence in Neuromodulation. She is committed to both patient care and research, she hopes to use her experience seeing PD patients and translate this into meaningful clinical research that will improve the lives of people living with PD. She is specifically interested in treatment-refractory symptoms of PD and a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration causing PD.

Associated Grants

  • Towards a Better Understanding of Treatment-refractory Gait Issues in Parkinson’s Disease


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