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Funded Studies

Susanna Holm Waters, MD, PhD

Director of Systems Pharmacology at Integrative Research Laboratories Sweden AB

Location: Stockholm Sweden

Dr. Susanna Holm Waters joined the department of pharmacology, Göteborg University in 1993, and has since worked on research and clinical development in the areas of CNS pharmacology and drug discovery, pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacology and basic clinical research in the setting of collaborations with big pharmaceutical companies as well as academia. Her current research focus is on integrative preclinical and clinical neuropharmacology. She has also engaged in clinical work, as physician at Sahlgrenska University Hospital (2015-2019). She has been part of the management team at IRLAB since 2013, serving as director of biology and biostatistics until 2022, when she was appointed director of systems pharmacology. She holds an MD and a PhD in pharmacology.

Associated Grants

  • Assessment of IRL757 for the Treatment of Apathy in Parkinson's Disease


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