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Tools for Diagnosing and Visualizing Parkinson’s Disease

December 21, 2023

DaTscan™ (Ioflupane I-123), which has been FDA-approved since 2011, has been a critical tool for doctors and researchers to help diagnose Parkinson’s. This year we have entered a new biological era with the discovery of a biomarker, a test that uses spinal fluid, that can detect Parkinson’s at the cellular level. And researchers are also working on a tool to visualize clumps of alpha-synuclein protein in the living brain. You might be asking yourself how these tools work together, and how are they different? How do clinicians and researchers apply them in the field? Hear from experts on how these tools are pushing science forward.

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Webinar Details


Thursday, December 21, 2023


1 hr


12:00 pm ET
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