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Podcast: Strategies for Stopping Parkinson’s

Podcast: Strategies for Stopping Parkinson’s

We say Parkinson’s disease is different for each person, but there are a couple things all people with PD share: Lewy bodies and dopamine loss.

Lewy bodies are clumps of the protein alpha-synuclein, and people with PD show Lewy bodies in brain cells. Researchers think these clumps contribute to dopamine loss, which is responsible for the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s. Lewy bodies may play a role in the non-motor symptoms, too.

Watch our webinar on this sticky protein.

Because they are a common denominator of sorts for people with PD, researchers are targeting Lewy bodies with therapies, trying to stop their toxic effects.

In our latest podcast, Kuldip Dave, PhD, senior associate director of research programs at MJFF, discusses therapeutic strategies against Lewy bodies. Read more about these strategies.

“If we can stop that pathology, maybe there’s a way to not just go after motor symptoms but also the non-motor symptoms that are seen in Parkinson’s disease,” says Dr. Dave.

Learn more about these strategies and about Lewy bodies and their role in Parkinson’s in an archived Third Thursdays Webinar. Watch now.

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