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The Parkinson’s Research Podcast: New Discoveries in Neuroscience

In this podcast, The Michael J. Fox Foundation brings you right to the cutting edge of neuroscience to discuss the latest discoveries in the field, with a focus on Parkinson’s disease.

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    Episode 12: Accelerating Discovery by Developing and Distributing Research Tools with Nicole Polinski

    Our guest Dr. Nicole K. Polinski, Director of Research Resources at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research discusses her role in the organization, the wide variety of tools available…

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    Episode 11: The Importance of Sex and Gender Factors in Neurodegenerative Disease Research and Care with Antonella Santuccione Chadha

    Our guest Dr. Antonella Santuccione Chadha discusses her work with the Women’s Brain Project, their recent roundtable on enhancing care in Parkinson’s disease, and the organization's goals for…

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    Episode 10: Understanding Genetics, Pathology, and Progression in Parkinson's Disease and Atypical Parkinsonian Syndromes with Huw Morris

    Our guest in this episode, Dr. Huw Morris, has spent more than twenty five years researching Parkinson's disease and parkinsonian syndromes, and he shares highlights from recent work, including…

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    Episode 9: Examining the Proposed Biological Definition of Neuronal Alpha-Synuclein Disease and Staging System with Lana Chahine

    In this interview, we discuss the development of this biologic definition for Parkinson’s disease and the staging system with Dr. Lana Chanine, one of the lead authors of the recently published…

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    Episode 8: Managing Risk for Drug Discovery and Development in Parkinson's Disease with Kalpana Merchant

    In this episode, Dr. Kalpana Merchant draws from over two decades of pharmaceutical industry experience to share progress in drug discovery and development for Parkinson’s disease and other…

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    Episode 7: Using Neuroimaging and Biomarkers to Improve Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnosis and Assessment with John Seibyl

    In this episode, Dr. John Seibyl discusses his early work on neuroimaging in Parkinson's disease through to the groundbreaking, large-scale clinical trials he is involved with for assessing the…

If you’re a scientist, clinician or industry professional interested in gaining in-depth insights into the latest advances in basic science, translational research and clinical trials for new therapies and therapeutics, this show is for you. Our host Dr. Marie McNeely interviews experts on topics such as the impacts of genetics, mechanisms of neurodegeneration, neuroimaging, biomarkers, diagnostics, applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, drug development, novel treatment technologies and more. Subscribe to stay up to date on key developments in neuroscience, neurology, neurodegeneration and Parkinson’s disease research. 

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